The Positioning Project is a multi-media strategy to distinguish your business, and help it grow. Our free workshops are for the owners and managers of small and mid-size local businesses, and they are held in towns of every size throughout the United States. Each workshop lasts 60 minutes or less and will teach you how to identify, establish and build a strong position for your business. We examine the latest trends and core principals in marketing and media…both new and traditional. And, each workshop also makes available to you a proven marketing plan that includes a traditional media advertising campaign combined with a new digital media tool so you can immediately put what you learn into action, if you desire.

Our brief multi-media workshop covers the material in a fun, interactive and energetic way. Each workshop participant receives a worksheet to follow along and gather important information from the session.


The Power of Positioning

  • What Positioning Is
  • Why It’s Important

Identifying Your Position

  • Determining Your USP
  • Building a Positioning Map

Establishing Your Position

  • Advertising vs. Word of Mouth
  • 4 Key Factors for Advertising Success

Building Your Position

  • Traditional Media Comparison
  • New Media Trends
  • Our Local Media Partner

Securing Your Position

  • The Positioning Project Marketing Plan
  • Commercial Creation by Hedquist Productions
  • Your Choice of Digital Tools