What is it about your business that will touch the emotions of potential customers and compel them to act? That’s what your advertising needs to be about, and those are the kinds of radio commercials we produce as part of the Positioning Project. The right message makes all the difference in your advertising results. Listen to some of the sample commercials below and imagine how we might tell your story…

      Beaverton Plumbing-Flushbusters
      Big Jim's-The Legend of Big Jim
      Burns Capital-Ups & Downs
      Chelsea Hicks Foundation-Sarah v3
      Elements Massage-Pain v2
      Friends of Caroline Hospice-Story v3
      Grange Credit Union-I Made the Change
      Hired Hands Home Care-Your Parents
      Metro PC Works-Immune System v3
      North Bay Laser-Dumb Question_60 Full
      Sea Spray-Ewww! Ouch! Aaahh!
      Vancouver Granite-Stories

Each Positioning Project marketing plan includes complimentary writing and production of your radio commercial by Hedquist Productions, one of America’s top creative companies.  Copywriting and production services are also available on an a la carte basis.