What does it cost to attend a Positioning Project Workshop?

Nothing. The workshops are completely free of charge and include complimentary refreshments.

Why should I take the time out of my busy work day to attend one of the workshops?

Because, in only an hour, you will get everything you need to start growing your business through improved marketing…really!!! Our workshop attendees regularly rave about the amount of high quality information they receive in such a short amount of time.

Is this just a big sales pitch?

Absolutely not.  The workshops are loaded with tons of information that can be used by any kind of  business in virtually any market forum. While a comprehensive marketing plan is presented at the end of the workshop, purchasing the plan is completely optional and there is absolutely no pressure to do so. Your attendance at a workshop does not obligate you to buy anything.

If I do choose to purchase a Positioning Project marketing plan, what does it cost and what do I get?

The cost varies in each community in which our workshops are conducted based on the advertising rates of our local media partner, but it is usually at their best rates of the year. Every plan includes a consistent 12-month local advertising schedule, national-quality commercial creation, and a digital tool of your choice. Beyond that, each plan is customized to work in each individual community.

Are the digital tools as good as I could get from an online supplier?

Yes, maybe better. Our dedicated digital agency works directly with you to design and build each digital tool according to your needs. It’s not a cookie cutter approach. Our experienced staff will offer advice on how to get the most benefit from the digital tool(s) you receive, and will be responsive to your questions before, during, and after you have out the tools into use.

Why are there two tiers of digital tools?

Digital products and services cost varying amounts to build and maintain, depending on their complexity. While our Tier 1 offerings are very valuable and high quality tools, they are less expensive to create and service than our Tier 2 offerings.

How long will it take to get my digital tool built?

Most will take 30 days or less. The more complex Tier 2 tools can sometimes take longer to complete.

Can I get digital tools without purchasing a Positioning Project marketing plan?

Yes, all of our digital tools are available to be purchased independently.

Will I own the digital tool that comes with a marketing plan?

Anything that is built specifically for your business is yours to keep once you have completed the initial contract period. This includes a mobile or responsive website, Facebook and Google+ page designs, online videos, and mobile apps. Of course, you will be responsible for the costs of hosting the web based products after the first year. Software licenses and services that are provided with a digital tool will cease following the completion of the initial contract period unless the contract is renewed.